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Bernie Sanders Responds to Critics Claiming His Ideas are Too Similar to Denmark and Sweden

Sanders-021507-18335- 0004

Millions of Americans are “Feeling the Bern” with Democratic president candidate Bernie Sanders, but the Vermont senator also has millions of detractors who strongly disapprove of his policies. According to The Washington Post, Sanders recently talked with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos to address his critics who believe that his plans for tax reform and wealth distribution

55-Plus Communities: a Growing Market Trend

Mary and Kathy Farrell shared a home for 25 years. When the sisters, both in their seventies, decided that it was time to move, they researched many of the usual “active adult” communities in their area. Unfortunately, none seemed to fit their needs. “We looked at a lot of condos but we felt like it

Home Depot Sales Exceed Expectations

This month, Home Depot reported a better-than-expected profit and revenue in the fourth quarter. Comparable-store sales also jumped as the company gained momentum thanks to the recovery of the housing market. As the nation’s largest home improvement retailer, its quarterly dividend boosted by 17% and shares rose early on Tuesday, Feb. 23. This is typically

Are Investors Attacking the Housing Market Again?

Family near new house

Even though the housing market is in the best shape since the financial crisis, it would seem that first-time home buyers are still being left out to dry by wealthy investors, according to The M Report. Most first-time home buyers need help through financing methods to put down payments on a home purchase. Now, though,

Hotel Aggregator to Enter Camping Business in India

In India, the budget hotel aggregator Deyor Rooms is plunging into the camping business. The Gurgaon-based start-up is making the move in an attempt to diversify and broaden its revenue base. A country-wide pilot, with 15 campsites, was organized in December and January — in total, generating close to 4,000 camp nights. The new branch