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Washington Post Begins Blocking Users Using Ad Blockers


The Guardian says we’re approaching an “advertising tipping point in 2016,” when internet advertising revenues will eclipse TV ad revenues for the first time. Even if the projection proves true, many media outlets are still struggling to monetize their digital

Oil Prices Continue to Drop as Sanctions May Be Lifted in Iran


Iran is close to finally being allowed to do business with the Western oil market after Congress considers approval a nuclear deal that will lift sanctions imposed on the Middle Eastern country. According to CNN Money, OPEC is already concerned

Uber Partners With UofA To Make Self-Driving Car


While nearly 20% of U.S. car accidents are caused by distracted driving, a recent report from Business Insider proposes a solution: self-driving cars. The new-age taxi service Uber has been teaming up with the University of Arizona to make a

Why Tourists Who Use Airbnb in Paris Will Be Paying a Little Extra Soon


Tourists looking for Paris luxury apartment rentals or vacation homes on Airbnb will soon be paying a little bit extra. Because of regulations imposed by the French government, guests who book their rentals on Airbnb will have to pay a

Lowe’s Misses Earning Expectations Despite Rise in Product Demand


Lowe’s Cos Inc, the number two home improvement chain in the United States, posted their second quarter earnings report for 2015 on Wednesday, August 19th. The report shows that the company failed to hit their earnings expectation, but reported a