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Pension Reform Causes Insurance Company to Rethink Annuity Sales

Dutch insurer, Aegon

The Dutch insurer, Aegon, is debating whether or not to continue providing annuities in the United Kingdom after reform in the British pension system has led to a decrease of sales by about 50%, according to Reuters.com. The international news

Will the Chinese Stock Market Crash Affect your Retirement Savings?


Early in the morning on Monday, August 24, 2015, the world waited to see how the DOW would cope with rising panic in Chinese markets. That the U.S. stock market would take a major hit was a given. Minutes after

Shanghai Stock Market Falls Drastically


June 26 marks yet another stock market plunge, reaffirming the riskiness of stocks. In fact, 76% of those who responded to a Bankrate survey said they were mistrustful of stocks because they were too risky and/or confusing. Friday morning in

Activist Hedge Funds Balk at SEC Probe


The Securities Exchange Commission has been ramping up efforts over the last several years. In 2006, there were only 574 total enforcement actions, but by 2014, there were 755 cases, in which they up wound collecting an agency record of

China to Permit Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities


Financial experts believe that China is on the verge of permitting commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS) in order to boost its sluggish real estate market. Bloomberg reports that two major Chinese financial institutions, China Merchants Securities Co. and China Chengxin International