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Growing Number of GOP Leaders Increasingly Support Income Tax Cuts


Forget raising the minimum wage. Throughout the GOP, a growing number of leaders now support cutting income taxes for all Americans, a move they believe would stimulate economic growth and expand opportunity. According to a July 24 QCOnline.com article, New

How the White House Plans to Make Solar Power More Accessible to Americans


Since the concept of solar power was first introduced on a commercial basis in the 1950s, this form of renewable energy has become significantly more affordable and accessible. Since 1977, for example, the cost of solar panels has dropped about

Fuel Efficiency Savings for Buses Trickle Down


Energy efficiency seems to be a topic that’s on everyone’s minds these days, and coach bus transportation is no exception. Since so much of our society is interconnected, when pieces aren’t running at their full potential, it bogs down the

Plan Accordingly This Memorial Day, Or You May Miss Out


Memorial Day weekend is just around the corner, which not only means a time for somber remembrances of the nation’s armed forces, but also sun, fun, and barbecue for millions of Americans. According to the AAA, 37.5 million Americans are

U.S. Unemployment Down to 5.4% for 7-Year Low


The U.S. job market rebounded in April, adding 223,000 jobs, according to Labor Department data released May 8. The unemployment rate also improved, decreasing to 5.4% — a seven-year low. That’s only slightly below economists’ predictions that nonfarm payrolls would