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Survey Finds that Cloud Computing Services Are Opening IT Opportunities


The beauty of cloud computing is the fact that it’s able to provide the foundation for countless programs and digital tools used in nearly every industry today; cloud services are incredibly flexible, they’re affordable and they’re completely changing the way

Hackers Can Now Hijack Jeeps From Their Laptops


In an ongoing investigation into the security of Chrysler vehicles, researchers have found a zero-day exploit that affects about 471,000 vehicles. If you think that sounds bad, that’s because it is. Put in layman’s terms: researchers have found a way

Google Says Its AI Technology Can Now Filter 99.9% of Gmail Spam


Ever since widespread adoption of the Internet began, spam emails have been a near-unavoidable plague upon the average web user — nor has the problem gotten better with time. Today, a stunning 97% of the 60 billion emails sent every

New Report Highlights Mobile Use of Internet


A leading authority on Internet standards and policy recently released a report which found that the use of mobile devices have “fundamentally transformed” Internet use around the world. Business Wire reports that the Internet Society (ISoc) released its second annual

DuckDuckGo Challenging Search Giants Like Google


Search engine DuckDuckGo announced June 23 that it had surpassed 10 million daily searches for the first time, a major milestone for an underdog in the Google-dominated search market. The Pennsylvania-based company’s unique selling point is that it protects user