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How One Major Rug Company is Revolutionizing the Way Artisans Are Paid


A major Indian rugs company recently partnered with Vodafone to pay some 8,000 rug-makers via the telecom firm’s M-Pesa mobile wallet service. According to a recent GizBot.com article, Jaipur Rugs’ strategic partnership with Vodafone will allow its artisans, many of

Coffee Prices Plunge on Global Commodities Market


Coffee was the world’s best-performing commodity last year, but it may now be the worst due to changing weather conditions in Brazil. Last year, a drought pushed coffee prices up by about 50%, but February and March rains are expected

New Study Suggests Pollution Has Adverse Effects on Deep Water Fish

Fresh salmon

A new study has found that fish living deep in the ocean have liver pathologies, tumors and other health problems, which are possibly being caused by human pollution. Most interestingly, the study also found the first known case of a deep-water

Salvation Army Transfrom #TheDress From Internet Ephemera Into Powerful Domestic Violence Message

beautiful woman model posing in elegant dress in the studio

What once was Internet ephemera is now a powerful message for social justice. The Salvation Army in South Africa has repurposed #TheDress — the social media phenomenon that fooled countless people into believing a black and blue dress was really

British Tank Crashes Through Elderly Couple’s Fence


Many homeowners put fences up around their yards to help keep unwanted guests — like deer, rabbits, or neighbors’ dogs — from getting into their yards. Sometimes, though, the unwanted guests are a bit too big to be held back,